About Us

Chris Johnson – Illustrator

Chris is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked in the museum exhibit industry since 2000. Her passion for interpreting and presenting information in a clear and interesting way is apparent in all of her work. Her experience includes print and digital media, 3D modeling, map and technical illustration, proposal formatting and presentation design. Chris has contributed to over 80 interpretive exhibits for museums, visitor centers, nature and cultural centers. Her work can be seen across the United States in national parks, state parks, zoos and private exhibits. Several of the projects that Chris has designed have won national awards. She also has experience formatting proposals, presentations and figures for SBIR, NIH and NSF grants.

Laura Sagle, Ph.D. – Scientist & Art Director

Laura received her Ph.D. in chemistry from University of California San Diego in 2006. She then carried out two postdocs, one at Texas A&M working for Professor Paul Cremer, and the other at Northwestern University for Professor Richard Van Duyne. She has worked as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati for the past 8 years and in that time has been intimately involved in the publication process, grant writing process and the creation of scientific presentations. Throughout her career she has worked with graphic designers to make Table Of Contents figures for scientific publications, figures for grant proposals and illustrations for scientific presentations. Recently, she has published two papers, one in the journal Analyst and the other in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, in which she worked with a graphic designer to make the cover art for that issue. Laura‚Äôs scientific areas of expertise are biophysics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, nanofabrication and microfluidics, protein chemistry, medical diagnostics, plasmonics and metamaterials, bionanomaterials, and bulk and single molecule spectroscopy. 

Our Design Process

PHASE 1) Research and Define Scope

We start with a comprehensive look at your research, ask a lot of questions, and develop a scope showing what the needs are for your project.

PHASE 2) Produce Sketches

Initial sketches are produced and the direction is agreed upon before moving on to more refined designs. Two rounds of review are typically more than enough to produce final designs.

PHASE 3) Deliver Final Illustrations

Once your project is complete, we will provide digital files at the correct size and format for your final use.